With Mortgage Interest Rates Near Historic Lows “Trade In – Trade Up” May Be For You

“Trade In – Trade Up” Eliminates The Fear Of Selling Your Home And Buying A New One
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Your home. You’ve lived there for years. Whether your family has outgrown your existing space or you’re downsizing, your life is built around this structure we call home. Although it is difficult to imagine moving, now is the time!
The decision to change homes can be one of the most stressful decisions anyone makes, but this is your life; it’s not practice. Finding the right home in the right location, obtaining a mortgage, selling your old home – it can all seem overwhelming, but with professional assistance, it doesn’t have to be.
ONNON Building (www.tradeintradeuplehigh.com) has the answer to these concerns and more. Their innovative new TRADE IN – TRADE UP program can take the worry and stress out of selling your existing home and buying a new home freeing you to concentrate on moving forward. Janet Danford, Real Estate Advisor and Property Manager says, “Many families who would like to move into a new home avoid the process because they dread the whole idea of trying to sell their home while coordinating the purchase of another. Others simply don’t know where to start. That’s where ONNON can help. Our services can put your mind at ease.”
A great advantage to TRADE IN – TRADE UP is that it eliminates the time element from the process. Zachary Tholke, ONNON’s head of field operations states, “With the TRADE IN – TRADE UP process you dictate the timing. Once you find your dream home, you can take the time necessary to negotiate the best price by eliminating the “contingency” of having to sell your existing home before you can commit to the home you really want. If a seller has two offers on the table and one has a contingency, all else being equal, the seller is going to take the offer without the contingency.”
Another huge advantage of TRADE IN – TRADE UP is you won’t experience the inconvenience and disruption of having prospective buyers touring your home on their schedule, not yours. Keeping the house spotless in case someone wants a tour can be exhausting but necessary if you take the conventional path to selling your current residence. Another benefit of TRADE IN – TRADE UP, is avoiding delays and costs associated with the buyer’s inspection. Termites? Plumbing issues? A new roof? These are common issues inspectors discover that lead to added costs or loss of the contract if you are not willing to make additional price concessions. The next potential stress is your buyer may not qualify for the mortgage, which means starting all over again. Once you get through these hassles, you will have to coordinate move in, move out days with your buyer in an attempt to avoid temporary housing. Perhaps the greatest advantage TRADE IN – TRADE UP offers, is avoiding real estate commissions on the sale of your home which are typically six percent of the sales price.
Are you a gambler? Everyone wants to maximize the sales price of their existing home while trying to purchase their new home at the lowest price. Trying to time the market is a gamble. While it is possible to sell high and buy low, this often means you must give something up, and the risks can be high. Unless you make it your business to flip homes and are prepared to deal with those stressors, consider TRADE IN – TRADE UP’s services an investment in your future.
In beginning the process, Janet says, “Our first step is to meet with a potential customer at no cost and explain Trade-in Trade-up in detail to make sure they understand the program. Trade-In Trade-Up is similar in many ways to buying a new car except that our business takes the intimidation and “haggling” out of the equation. When our customers see how easy this process is, most of them decide Trade-In Trade-Up is the best choice for them.”
Here is an example of how the process works. Suppose you are a homeowner who has some equity in your existing home. You need to upsize or downsize or possibly change the location of your residence. ONNON makes it possible for you to sell your home and buy a new home all in one transaction. They present you with a portfolio of move in ready homes from which to choose or you can select from a variety of floorplans and customize your dream home with one of the many builders we have a relationship with. At any given time, we have homes in various stages of completion, so your timeline is met. You control the closing date so you can close the deal and change homes as quickly as you wish. ONNON’s TRADE IN – TRADE UP program allows you to take control.
Zachary Tholke, Manager of Field Operations adds, “ONNON is truly unique in this arena in that we not only have many homes that are move-in ready, we also have a portfolio of home builders who can build your dream home .” He goes on to explain that ONNON has spent years building relationships with home builders who can assist you in creating the home of your dreams.
ONNON has also nurtured relationships with many commercial and private lenders who can make owning a new home possible even without ideal credit ratings. Their knowledge of the many homeowner programs sponsored by the government is another way they can tailor the exchange of homes to your particular needs.
When asked if there are any other programs similar to TRADE IN – TRADE UP in the area, Janet explained there are a few companies advertising trade in trade up but no one else is offering the range of services involved in getting to your dream home the same way as ONNON. She says, “Our goal is to provide a ‘one-stop shop’ for our customers but on a much larger scale than most people are accustomed to.”
As Zachary Tholke continued to explain that the company began primarily leasing single family residences with all the amenities of your own home: fencing, security systems, enhanced exterior lighting, and curb appeal landscaping. Leasing from ONNON include concierge services: pest control, lawn care, and water treatment all at no extra charge. Clients experience the privacy afforded by a single-family home with the ease and advantage of a condominium. Leasing single family homes continues to be the heart of ONNON building.
As ONNON’s reputation grew, they began to see a need for something innovative that would help people who wanted to move from leasing to home ownership. This concept worked and led to working with builders to allow our leasing residents to move into homeownership seamlessly without breaking a lease or the stress of trying to time a move.
This naturally led to the development of TRADE IN – TRADE UP for homeowners and custom building with many fine builders in Lehigh Acres. ONNON serves the Lehigh Acres, Gateway and Buckingham communities.
According to George Tholke, who started managing ONNON Building over 10 years ago, “Customer Service and Satisfaction is at the core of all we do.”
ONNON has lived through the changes in Lehigh and hope we have contributed to the growth and improvements in the living standards and improvement in perception of Lehigh. We are local and want to operate a business that focuses on growing the community by making anything to do with living in the Lehigh area a pleasant experience.
ONNON has offices in Gateway at 12940 Express Court, #B-7 Fort Myers, FL 33913. You can reach them by phone at (239) 340-4748 or by email at jdanford@ONNONbuilding.com. You can find more information at www.ONNONbuilding.com and www.TradeInTradeUpLehigh.com Follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

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