Young Candidates Announce Florida Climate Initiative

(Gainesville, Florida) – Today a team of young Democratic candidates have released a key element of their campaign platforms. “The Florida Climate and Economic Defense Initiative” charts a pathway to the adoption of aggressive policies promoting infrastructure, research, and development, all designed to adapt the Florida economy to the accelerating climate crisis.

Leading the group of fourty-four candidates in creating this initiative is Rock Aboujaoude Jr, candidate for Florida State House District 10 centered around Lake City in north Florida.

“Nothing like this has ever been offered before as a statewide plan,” he said. ”But with the coronavirus crippling major parts of our economy, now is the time to introduce a bold reindustrialization plan to take on the climate crisis and in doing so create new opportunities for Floridians.”

The candidates promise to hold over 100 town halls by the end of November to meet with the scientists, experts, and citizens throughout the state. These town halls will be part of an effort to formulate additional legislation to propose in Tallahassee to address the climate and economic crisis. The first of these 100 town halls is scheduled to take place on Wednesday, July 29th at 1:00 pm.

“Farmers know it, beach dwellers know it, everyone knows it,” stressed Aboujaoude. “The climate is changing, changing fast, and definitely not for the better. Everyone is looking for the government to finally face reality head on and help Floridians chart a path forward in dealing with the range of challenges facing our coastal cities as well as our inland farming towns.”

The Initiative proposes state legislation that mirrors policies offered at the national level, and integrate that with state-level programs. In addition, the Initiative is designed to implement an aggressive, science-based climate and economic policy through the creation of three separate task forces to be headed by scientists in the state of Florida to identify the necessary legislation and funds needed for investment once federal funds are secured, or state dollars are assigned. It is critical that the task forces not only address the adaptation and resiliency measures needed for our state but also to introduce the most progressive action taken yet by any state on reducing carbon already in our atmosphere and waters.

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