Balancing Act As Supply Increases & Price Negotiate Down

By: Melissa Flexsenhar

The real estate landscape in Southwest Florida is experiencing a noticeable shift, marked by a decline in the number of homes sold year over year. Recent statistics reveal a downward trend.

According to data from the past three years, the number of homes sold in SWFL has seen a steady decrease. In 2021, the region recorded just over 48,000 home sales, but by 2022, the figure dropped to around 35,000. The latest available data for 2023 indicates a further decline, with only 31,000 homes sold. This downward trajectory is a departure from the robust market seen in  the last couple years.

Breaking down the statistics for the last seven days provides a snapshot of the current state of the SWFL real estate market. In this brief period, there were 1398 new property listings, 974 pending transactions, and 468 homes successfully sold. Additionally, 1699 homes experienced price decreases, reflecting a dynamic market responding to changing demand and supply conditions.

Like many real estate markets, SWFL is highly localized. While one neighborhood may be experiencing an increase in property values, a nearby area might witness a decline. This localized variation adds a layer of complexity to the overall market dynamics.

Homes are spending more time on the market, with the average days on the market reaching approximately 60 days. This indicates a shift in the speed at which homes are being bought and sold. Buyers are taking their time, and sellers are finding themselves in a position where negotiation becomes essential to close deals.

The broader trend of the market indicates a change in the negotiation power dynamic. In many cases, sellers are now more open to negotiating prices down from the listed values. This willingness to negotiate reflects the evolving nature of the market and the need for flexibility in transactions.

While migration to the SWFL area continues, there has been a noticeable slowing down in recent times. This shift in migration patterns could be influenced by various factors, such as economic conditions, job opportunities, and lifestyle preferences.

As the SWFL real estate market undergoes this transformation, industry players and potential buyers alike are closely watching the evolving landscape, navigating the changes, monitoring interest rates and adapting their strategies to thrive in the new market conditions.


Melissa Flexsenhar has been a realtor in this area since 2002, If you are considering buying or selling or just have questions about the current market Melissa can be reached at 239-839-2690 or email her at:

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