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Conservancy Of Southwest Florida Nature Center Reopens With New, Interactive Experiences

January 5, 2022

By Holly Boldrin Members and visitors of the Conservancy of Southwest Florida Nature Center will get a fresh interactive experience...

SWFL Tech appoints 2022 Board of Directors

January 5, 2022

By Colleen Jorgensen The board of directors of SWFL Tech (SWFRTP) has selected new officers. Wendi Fowler with Beacon Life...

Malware Hidden In Job Search Links

May 3, 2021

By: Sheriff Carmine Marceno The last year has been challenging in many ways.  Many, if not most, Lee County residents struggled, in...

HF Scientific Opens State-Of-The-Art, Global Headquarters For Design, Manufacturing And Distribution Of Water Quality Monitoring Instrumentation

March 22, 2021

HF scientific, a Watts brand and a leading global producer of locally made instrumentation, test kits and chemical reagents used...

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Conservancy Of Southwest Florida Expands E-Learning Hub To Include Full K-12 Curriculum, Live Animal Encounters

February 24, 2021

NAPLES, Fla. (Jan. 14, 2021) – The Conservancy of Southwest Florida has expanded its rapidly growing STEM E-Learning Adventures program to include a new E-Learning Hub. Here, educational videos, ecology-focused crafts, outdoor data-collecting activities and interactive written exercises are available to both in-school and at-home learners. In addition to offering...

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Where Are We?

By: Butch Swank If someone asks where you live and they’re not very familiar with Florida, you say Fort Myers, right? Mentioning places like Bonita,

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