SWFL Tech appoints 2022 Board of Directors

By Colleen Jorgensen

The board of directors of SWFL Tech (SWFRTP) has selected new officers.

Wendi Fowler with Beacon Life Tech is president; Terry Dirr with Data2Logistics is treasurer; and Colleen Jorgensen, AT&T is secretary. Chairperson of Technology Leadership is Warren Baucom with Economic Development Office of Lee County. Additional board members include Dr. Huzefa Kagdi with Florida Gulf Coast University, Brain Wallace retired with Kaiser University, Edward Fritz with Career Source of SWFL, Michael Honorio with Hotwire Communications, John Schlager with Inceptus, and John LaFreniere with VergeIT is Advisory Past President.

The board of directors is comprised of professional technology advocates who are dedicated to creating leaders in Southwest Florida‘s technology sector through the mission of Inspire, Innovate and Inform. More organization details and upcoming professional development event information is at www.swfrtp.org.


SWFL Tech (SWFRTP) was chartered in 2008 and is the only group dedicated solely to the growth of the technology cluster in southwest Florida. The non-profit organization is a member of the Lee County Horizon Council and is comprised of technology companies and technology users, economic development groups and higher education institutions. Through its strategy to inspire, innovate and inform, the SWFRTP produces educational seminars, career forums, professional networking events and the only regional awards program dedicated to technology development and implementation. Membership and sponsorship information is available at www.swfrtp.org.

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