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Claim Results Public Adjusters: Why Do You Need A Public Adjuster?

March 1, 2023

By: Cary Kingsberg (LIC# D055801) When you submit an insurance claim, your insurance company employs a professional adjuster who represents...

Top 10 HR Mistakes Businesses Make Virtual Seminar

February 3, 2023

Submitted By: Karen Shepherd Registration is open for the virtual seminar, “Top 10 HR Mistakes Businesses Make” on February 23,...

Smart Cities Of SWFL: Transportation

August 2, 2022

By Terri Lewis Want to save 50% on your car Insurance? You should since Florida is among the three states...

Hire And Retain – Eliminate The Pain

August 2, 2022

By Gregg Goodmanson What’s the cost of a bad hire? Each company I work with quantifies that differently. I would...

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What Is Your Business Really Worth? Keys to Determine Value

August 2, 2022

By Kevin Wilson, Principal, The DAK Group Business Owners usually have a preconceived idea of what their business is worth, and it is often different from the value prospective buyers may put on it. Knowledge of a company’s true value is essential for business owners. This is particularly true in...

Szeliga Imagery Services LLC Thank You

August 2, 2022

By Kathryn Sisson A huge thank you to Brian and Silvia of Szeliga Imagery for sponsoring our second annual Lehigh Acres Fourth of July Celebration. The event was a huge success, and the whole community came together to make it great. Brian is the owner and main photographer, and Silvia...

Victory Town Center: The Place To Be!

August 2, 2022

By Pastor Larry, Victory of Lehigh Church I have had the privilege of visiting 56 different countries, many of them multiple times. I have also lived in many different places in the United States. In Philadelphia, near Pittsburgh and many places in and around Southern California and in a few...

Victimhood or Agency?

August 2, 2022

By Butch Swank Agency. You’d be right to think I am talking about insurance again, but I am not. I am talking about the idea of agency. Merriam-Webster defines agency as the capacity, condition, or state of acting or of exerting power. Ok, so you’re thinking what in the heck...

Our Real Estate Market Is Changing

June 28, 2022

By Amy Admire Have you ever noticed that real estate has always been a big topic of conversation? It really is interesting, isn’t it? The next time you’re in a public place like a restaurant or coffee shop…listen. You’ll likely hear a conversation about real estate. Think of everything we...

Bringing The Community Together With Love Lehigh

June 28, 2022

By Charlene Golden Last year’s Easter Egg Hunt at Christ United Methodist Church sparked the formation of a whole new organization for the people and groups of Lehigh Acres. Love Lehigh is now an organization for groups in the area to come together and share information on their events and...

The Lehigh Acres Senior Center Offers So Much For Our Seniors Every Month!

June 28, 2022

By Lehigh Acres Senior Center We are offering several dance and fitness programs ranging from beginner to intermediate. Dancercise is where Aerobics meets line dancing and is for all dance levels. We have a high energy leader who is willing to help with any questions or concerns you might have...

Yay! He’s talking about insurance again!

June 9, 2022

Listen, I know not everyone is passionate about insurance like I am but everybody, and I mean everybody, likes saving money. Well, in the homeowner’s insurance world everything has been going the wrong direction regarding dollar bills, so, in my mind, that means everybody will be interested in reading this....

Peggie’s Place Cafe

June 8, 2022

Submitted By Lehigh Acres Senior Center Peggie’s Place Cafe’ is open from 8:30 a.m. – 1 p.m. Monday through Friday. They serve soups, sandwiches and other snacks, along with bi-weekly meals on Mondays. Rose Ann Marr is the Kitchen Manager as well as the President of the Board of Directors...

Lehigh Acres Senior Center Gift Shop Has An eBay Store

June 8, 2022

Submitted By Lehigh Acres Senior Center The Golden Shell is located within the Lehigh Acres Senior Center at 219 Plaza Dr. Lehigh Acres, FL 33936. The Golden Shell store is run by volunteer Linda Dillon who is also a board member of the Lehigh Acres Senior Citizens Center, Inc. (LASCC)...

Coldwell Banker Hosting Networking & Ribbon Cutting Events

June 8, 2022

By Amanda Mitrani Amy Admire & Catherine Van Til with the Southwest Florida Homes Team of Coldwell Banker are happy to announce their membership in the Greater Fort Myers Chamber of Commerce, and they would like to invite you to celebrate with them. Join the team at their special ribbon-cutting...

Planning For Your Final Curtain Call

June 8, 2022

By Alina Gonzalez-Dockery Do you believe to make a will is depressing or a sure ticket to planning one’s death? What if drafting your will or trust is the most certain way of living in the moment? This subject was part of the theme of season 3 finale of 9-1-1...

Buy A Blanket, Save A Life

June 8, 2022

By Kathryn Sisson Fine Folk Pizza has a new product on their menu, but not one that goes in your stomach. They are selling pizza themed blankets. 100% of the proceeds will go to the Because of Zane organization and scholarship fund. Because of Zane is an organization whose mission...

2022 Sales Tax Holidays And Exemption Periods For The State Of Florida

June 8, 2022

Submitted By Markham Norton Mosteller Wright & Co., P.A Every year various states offer sales tax holidays and/or tax-free dates to help reduce the cost burden for its residents. The Florida Department of Revenue has released the 2022 sales tax holidays and exemptions for residents. We have compiled a list...

Yay! He’s Talking About Insurance Again!

June 8, 2022

By Butch Swank Listen, I know not everyone is passionate about insurance like I am but everybody, and I mean everybody, likes saving money. Well, in the homeowner’s insurance world everything has been going the wrong direction regarding dollar bills, so, in my mind, that means everybody will be interested...

Meet Alina Maria Gonzalez-Dockery, Recently Honored As A 2021 Top Latina Lider In Florida

April 6, 2022

Submitted By: Katrina Salokar Latin Times Media and Magazine honored Florida’s Top Latino Leaders at the 3rd Annual Ford Taste of Latino Festival. The event occurred recently in Historic Ybor City at the famed Centro Asturiano, a site listed in the U.S. National Register of Historic Places. The following excerpts...

Rainbow Bridge

January 5, 2022

By Dr. Veja Tillman, DVM There is a bridge connecting Heaven and Earth. It is called the Rainbow Bridge because of all its beautiful colors. Just this side of the Rainbow Bridge there is a land of meadows, hills and valleys with lush green grass. When a beloved pet dies,...

Ambitrans Looking From Emt’s And Paramedics

December 9, 2021

By Toni Wampler Ambitrans Ambulance is the largest provider of private ambulance transportation in Southwest Florida. Our company began in 1983 as a small company and has grown exponentially in almost 40 years. Today we serve the needs of five counties from Collier County to Manatee County. Ambitrans corporate office...

The Santagram Returns! Order Yours Today!
Gateway’s Own Fine Folk Pizza Launches Holiday Initiative

December 9, 2021

By Josh Soto The brains are back at it again. With 2021 being a long year for all, the team knew it was time to bring Fort Myers some good old fashion cheer! Fine Folk Pizza is excited to announce that the 2021 Pizza Santagram is back. Enter, the PIZZA...

Holiday Bags For Local Kids In Foster Care

December 9, 2021

By Alyssa Stoner Katz Counseling and Educational Psychology is showing our Christmas spirit this year with our involvement in ‘Holiday Hope Cases’, a successful drive to help children in the foster care system. We want to give our community a chance to proudly participate by stuffing a bag then either...

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Traffic and Tee Ball

By: Butch Swank I stumbled upon some interesting relationship advice recently. It’s from a couple that introduced a clever system for the end-of-day talk that

Preventing Tool Theft

By: Sheriff Carmine Marceno With the enormous volume of construction and repair being done following Hurricane Ian, the demand for tools has increased exponentially. Both

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