Malware Hidden In Job Search Links

By: Sheriff Carmine Marceno

The last year has been challenging in many ways.  Many, if not most, Lee County residents struggled, in one way or another, as the pandemic raged.

Sadly, a good number of our friends and neighbors found themselves out of work and unable to find employment.

If searching for employment wasn’t difficult enough, scammers have added a new twist to their criminal tactics…malware hidden within links for employment opportunities.

Hackers are reportedly searching through profiles placed on job-search websites and targeting those searching for employment.

Job seekers then receive messages…usually specific to their vocational field…regarding an employment opportunity.

The offer includes a zip file that is supposed to contain all of the information related to the new position.


These files contain malware that, when executed, will infect your device, load additional malicious plugins and provide total access to the victim’s computer.

Here are a few tips on how to stay safe from phishing attacks such as these:• BE CAUTIOUS – Don’t click links or open attachments found inside unsolicited messages or emails. They could be malicious and infect your device with malware.• KNOW WHO YOU’RE DEALING WITH – Research companies before applying for a job. Make sure the company you are applying to is real.• SAFEGUARD PERSONAL INFORMATION – Don’t give out any personal information to people you don’t know.• WATCH FOR GRAMMATICAL ERRORS – Cybercriminals are getting better at spelling and grammar but keep an eye out for these types of mistakes. Real companies will not send official correspondence with spelling and grammar errors.

Please remain vigilant when conducting business online!

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