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Changes to the plan again. Now instead of asking for additional density, the developer has reduced the number of requested RV lots to 650 from their previous request of over 700. But what really is Caloosa 80 going to be?

Currently it is zoned as a RVPD – recreational vehicle planned development. The developer is asking to change this to an MPD – mixed-use planned development. If all the developer wanted was  to create a 650 lot RV park, why the change?

I’m not sure, but words matter, so here is one difference… in an RVPD – recreational vehicles as permanent residences are not permitted.

Recreational vehicles as permanent residences. The use of a recreational vehicle type unit by a “permanent resident” as a “permanent residence,” as those terms are defined in F.S. Ch. 196, is expressly prohibited as of September 16, 1985. (Sec. 34-939)

So, what is in the application? At least 300 permanent residents using recreational vehicles.

Transient lots will be limited to no more than 350 of the 650 lots and will be limited to the Urban Community designated portions of the site on the west side of the MPD to ensure consistency with the Lee Plan provisions for protection of rural character in the Alva Planning Community. (applicant’s documentation)

This doesn’t sound like the high-end RV park we have been hearing about from the developer – it sounds more like the following definition from Florida Statutes:

(12) “Mobile home park” or “park” means a use of land in which lots or spaces are offered for rent or lease for the placement of mobile homes and in which the primary use of the park is residential. CH 723.003

A mixed use planned development, the type that the developer is asking to change to, allows for a residential or mobile home development of 50 or more dwelling units.

I’m still not sure how to reconcile the vision of a high end RV park with a mobile home park for year round residency. When words matter, I consult the dictionary. Oxford’s dictionary has a definition that reads, “an area with special amenities where trailers are parked and used for recreation or as permanent homes.”

TRAILER PARK. Words matter.

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