Charleston Park Day

Submitted By: Liberation Outreach Intl Worship Center

Charleston Park Day isn’t just any day for the residents of the Charleston Park community. But it’s a time of celebration! A day filled with music, laughter, food, fun, love, and lots of stories from the old days of living in Charleston Park.

On the 4th Saturday of April each year, we come from far and near to celebrate another year that the Lord has blessed us to still be a community despite the various tests and trials that come at us. Our motto for many years has been “We come this far by faith”, meaning there were some things thrown at us to try and discourage us but we made it.

We celebrate our accomplishments with some of the partner agencies that help make things happen for the residents of the Charleston Park community. This celebration has taken place for more than 50 years in Charleston Park and although it has grown since the very first one it also remains an event where we fundraise to help support some of the programs that our partner agencies don’t provide. Although some services and funding are provided that we are grateful for, we still need so much more to help our community reach its goals.

Goals include programs to provide our seniors with helping keep their strength, and mobility and things to assist with their quality of life while living in their own homes with little or no help. Programs to help youth and young adults prepare for their future. These programs that are provided include but are not limited to, weekly chair exercises, walking clubs, monthly breakfast, teen outreach programs, and summer camp, just to name a few. We believe that Charleston Park Day is a time of celebration and reflection and reminder if we did before we can continue to do it again.

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