Join us at Hammond Stadium at 7:00 p.m. for East Lee County Night as the Fort Myers Mussels (an affiliate of the Twins) take on the Bradenton Marauders!  See the enclosed invitation in this issue of Voices of Lehigh.  It will be a fun night for our Lehigh families.  Hope to see you there.

In this issue of Voices of Lehigh, Lee County Commissioner Cecil Pendergrass offers a Summer Recap of his work during the summer months thus far.  One critical area of concern that he addresses is that NOW IS THE TIME to be prepared for the height of the 2021 Storm Season.  Climate change is real and is here.  Storms of disastrous proportions will be more frequent.  We all remember Hurricane Irma of four years ago.  Tropical Storm Elsa that scraped our coastline reminds us to be prepared.  Lee County Government provides an excellent preparation site as well as a site for critical contact information in the event of a storm.  Visit www.leegov.com

Sheriff Carmine Marceno alerts East Lee/Lehigh residents of a growing problem with theft at construction sites.  It has become such a problem that the Sheriff informs us that he has organized a Construction Site Investigations Unit.  I hope that you read his article carefully.  In addition, our area continues to be plagued with construction waste and all kinds of illegal dumping.  This is often committed at night and in remote areas.  From piles of asphalt to construction debris, old cars and appliances – our community is plagued with this kind of crime.  If you see anything suspicious contact the Sheriff’s Office at 239-477-1000 or 911.

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