Entering 2021 With Healing And Hope – Lehigh Acres/East Lee County Looks To Turn The Corner On Covid-19

By Mike Welch

At this writing there are two strands of hope and caution. The first is that vaccines are on the way first to our vulnerable and elderly population and then to other groupings as will be announced by state, federal and local authorities. The second is that this first quarter and perhaps a little longer will require ALL of us to be selfless and vigilant to wear our face coverings while out in public places and to continue to sanitize as per CDC Guidelines.

At this writing Congress is set to authorize relief in the form of payments to qualifying citizens and families as well as resources for local businesses with an emphasis on small businesses. Federal jobless benefits will enhance income for families as well as food assistance programs and other benefits coming shortly. For a better understanding take a look at the County website: www.leegov.com.

A new year brings a reflection on the last year. Both Lee County Commissioners Cecil Pendergrass and Brian Hamman offer columns that herald county performance in the midst of crisis and their plans and goals for the coming year. Both commissioners herald the strides the Lee County Government is making in addresses Lehigh Acres’/East Lee County’s ongoing needs for improvements in infrastructure and ongoing planning for the future or our region.

For further information give Cecil a call at 239-533-2227 or email at dist2@leegov.com or Brian at 239-533-2226 or email at: dist4@leegov.com.

Sheriff Carmine Marceno offers us his warnings and reports that ‘phony tax man calls are on the rise in our area. Contact the Sheriff’s fraud line at 239-258-3292.

Beginning in February’s Voices/ROAR we will highlight local businesses in our area. They will also be highlighted on the Chamber’s website and we hope you shop local.

Wishing you and your families and friends a healthy and prosperous New Year!

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