Florida Universities Ban Tik Tok Across Entire State System’s

The Florida Board of Governors have decided to ban Tik Tok and other “unsafe” applications that pose state and national cybersecurity concerns across all Florida Universities. The state will now be prohibited from using campus Wi-Fi or school-owned devices to access the popular app.

On March 29th the Board approved an emergency amendment to Regulation 3.0075 [flbog.edu] that prevents university-owned networks and devices from being able to access websites and social platforms that pose threat to state and national cybersecurity concerns. Students and UF employees were notified late Wednesday making them aware of the new changes. No one is to use TikTok through the university’s network due to potential security risks also urging them to delete such apps from personal devices..

Florida Universities from now on will be prohibiting the following Tencent QQ, WeChat, VKonatke, Kaspersky, and TikTok in any UF marketing or advertising initiatives.

According to BestColleges universities in the states of Alabama, Idaho, Oklahoma and Texas have already banned the app on university-owned devices. In which 23 states have already taken action in banning TikTok. Students, however, said they intend to keep using the app and suggested that the administration was overreacting.

The amendment went into effect on April 4th and includes the following websites and applications:

  • Kaspersky
  • VKontakte
  • Tencent QQ 
  • TikTok
  • WeChat

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