Fort Myers Salon Owner, Rachel File, Releases New Facial Cleansing Brush Into Beauty Market.

It’s a Beauty Ritual, local skincare salon owner releases the CYS Facial Cleansing Brush.

Jan 2021 (Fort Myers, FL) – New CYS Cleansing Brush, Clean and Tighten Your Skin to Perfection with Beauty Ritual Skincare Introducing the new CYS Cleansing Brush by Beauty Ritual Skincare. This new brush technology is changing the skincare game and Beauty Ritual Skincare plans on being at the forefront of these beauty technology advancements. 

As a company that uses the top skincare products on the market, excitement skyrocketed for the CYS Cleansing Brush amongst our Beauty Ritual Tribe. This brush uses heat technology to soften skin then after uses vibration oil to exfoliate away trapped makeups and unwanted oils. What really makes this high-quality product stand out though is its ability to clean while also firming and lifting skin acting in age-defying ways. 

As strong believers in fresh skin being the best skin, the importance of clean skin is a must but Beauty Ritual’s dedication to only using professional-grade skincare products go above and beyond with the CYS Cleansing Brush. The impact this cleansing brush will have on your skin will have everlasting results.  

This product accompanied with our Gentle Enzyme Cleanser will bring on a whole new skin transformation because skincare should always be the first step in your beauty ritual. 

Ready to get yours?! Head to our website to purchase or talk with our specialist to learn more about how to incorporate this cutting edge product into your skincare routine. 

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