Full Foarce: World’s Toughest Row- Pacific

Submitted By: The Full Foarce team

It’s an arduous 2,800 mile race across the vast Pacific Ocean that will force teams to battle the sea, elements and exhaustion. It’s called the World’s Toughest Row – Pacific and it will take teams more than a month to finish. The all-female crew called Full Foarce has banned together to inspire the next generation.

Cait Miller, Cassidy Hurd, Elaina Loveless, and Laura Newton are the four brave women taking on this challenge, calling themselves Team Full Foarce.

This team began in the summer of 2022, they have spent the last year and a half creating their campaign, finding sponsors, raising funds, choosing the charities they want to support, and preparing their minds and bodies to take on this endeavor.  They say the hardest part is getting to the start line, and this team has felt that!  

The 28-foot boat will be the team’s home for the duration of the race.  The women will be rowing in pairs of two for three shifts, 24/7 until they reach Hawaii.  When they are not rowing they will be eating, doing chores, boat maintenance, communicating with their land support, and trying to get some sleep in the tiny cabins at the bow and stern of the boat.  This row is totally unsupported, they have to bring everything they need with them to survive for 50+ days at sea.  They will be making their own water using the on-board desalinator, using a jet boil to ‘cook’ their freeze dried meals, and using a bucket for a bathroom!

Despite all the sacrifices they’ll be making, living on the water in close corridors with minimal creature comforts, they believe it will be worth it.  These four women will be bonded by this experience for the rest of their lives.  They are all looking forward to pushing their limits physically and mentally.  They hope to inspire other ordinary people to do extraordinary things!  They want the next generation of young women to believe they can do anything they set their mind to, and chase their wild dreams!

The race is set to kick-off in Monterey, CA on June 8, 2024. Team Full Foarce expects to finish in 34 to 50 days.  The current women’s 4-person team world record is 34 days 14 hours and 20 minutes.

They are rowing to raise awareness for two non-profit organizations: Play Like a Girl and the Papahanaumokuakea Marine Debris Project.

Mark Loveless, father of Elaina Loveless and owner of Markin Products, proudly sponsors the team. He admires his daughter and the team for their courage in embarking on this remarkable adventure to raise awareness for nonprofit organizations.

“Seeing Elaina and her team take on this incredible journey to support nonprofit organizations fills me with immense pride. Their courage and determination inspire me every day.” – Mark Loveless, Owner of Markin Products

You can follow along with Team Full Foarce’s journey leading up to the race and during their ocean crossing on their website and social media pages:


Email them at fullfoarce@gmail.com if you or your business is interested in partnering with Full Foarce.

They are also accepting donations via their GoFundMe page: gofundme.com/fullfoarce

Sponsor a Stroke/Mile/Day: https://rb.gy/4e8fhk

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