Happy New Year – 2024! May East Lee County And Its Communities Experience Continuing Prosperity And Recovery In The New Year!

By: Mike Welch

At this writing we close the year 2023 with an improving economy and with the recognition that many of our citizens and families are experiencing hardship and rising costs in housing as well as housing shortages that has put a strain on many.  Several residents have called the Chamber of Commerce out of fear and frustration on the out of reach costs for property insurance, car insurance and costs that add burdens to our moderate income residents and seniors.  Small businesses in Lehigh Acres often speak of the tough climate our area has experienced for years.

Yet local government at all levels combined with the market turns to the eastern part of our county for the future – that is here!  Our State Road 82 is proving to be a zone for economic growth between Lehigh Acres and Gateway.  New employers of nationally known companies are planning for their arrival.  And, all of this needs to be planned and coordinated.  Stay tuned.

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