Holiday Bags For Local Kids In Foster Care

By Alyssa Stoner

Katz Counseling and Educational Psychology is showing our Christmas spirit this year with our involvement in ‘Holiday Hope Cases’, a successful drive to help children in the foster care system. We want to give our community a chance to proudly participate by stuffing a bag then either mailing it to us or bringing it to the office.

Last year, we managed to fill 50 bookbags with various items & products, and were able to assist kids of all ages, boys and girls. Our bags were kept in good condition and given to the children entering the system during the holidays. This year, we are off to a good start! We accomplished stuffing 65 bags as a practice, and are hoping for an even larger turnout with the help of this generous community.

For this year’s charity, Katz Psychology invites you to take part and fill backpacks for teens, or a diaper bag for toddlers, and infants because they need necessary day-to-day items that are not always available to them. Certain helpful contributions for teens include gift cards to stores like Walmart and Target, games, books, cards, fidgets, and personal care items. We will happily be supplying backpacks and diaper bags for ‘stuffing’ to start and add more as needed.

Please mail or deliver bags or items to 12641 World Plaza Lane, Bldg. 56 Fort Myers, FL 33907. Contributions must be received by Friday, December 3rd, 2021. Any donations will be delivered to Children’s Network of Southwest Florida (CNS) for distribution locally.

We value anyone and everyone who is willing to bestow their time and efforts into this great cause. These children have endured more heartbreak and obstacles than any child should have to experience. They deserve to be spoiled and feel special during this holiday season! Help us put a big smile on their faces.

Please contact Katz Psychology at (239) 247-1756 or with any questions or concerns. We appreciate you and your generous contributions. Thank you!

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