Hope PACE Helps Seniors at Home with All-Inclusive Care

By: Emily Wolfarth

“The group of us at Villa Vincente are very happy with the PACE program. I am 80 years old, do not drive anymore but do not feel alone or lost because I have PACE and the wonderful angels giving me help with cleaning and shopping,” said Gladys Jarvis.

Gladys is a participant in Hope PACE, a Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly, a comprehensive healthcare program designed to help with the social, emotional, and practical challenges of aging. The program’s goal is to help seniors live safely at home. Custom care plans help prevent hospitalizations and emergency room visits.

“Through this whole mess of the coronavirus pandemic, we have felt very comforted having PACE only a phone call away,” said Gladys. “Many of our friends here who do not belong to PACE tell us of the problems of not getting their doctor for answers or even unable to get their medications. Someone from PACE has called me every week checking to make sure all is fine or do I need anything. Some friends have even felt stranded but not us PACE members. We don’t feel forgotten.”

Once enrolled, participants like Gladys receive 100% of their medical care through the program. Hope PACE covers all necessary prescription medications, medical equipment, and supplies as well as dental care, lab and diagnostic services, therapies, home care, hospitalization, and end-of-life care.

Colorful Hope Mobiles offer safe, convenient transportation to the Hope PACE Centers or essential appointments. While at one of the state-of-the-art centers, participants enjoy hot, nutritious meals and social activities like exercise, gardening, games, art, and music.

Robert Macdonald, age 79, said, “I visit the PACE center once a week, and they help me with whatever I need. It’s a good way to keep tabs on my blood and my weight. I’d recommend them to anyone.”

As an additional benefit, caregivers receive guidance, care tips, respite, and support groups. They also enjoy peace of mind knowing their loved one is comfortable, safe, and among friends.

Shannon Scott said that for the past four years, she and her husband Steve have relied on Hope PACE for all of his care. “The staff is off the charts – I couldn’t have asked for better care – and his medicine comes like clockwork,” said Shannon. “Hope PACE has saved Steve’s life and my psyche. They’ve really given me some peace of mind.”

To be eligible for this innovative program, seniors must be age 55 or older, reside in Charlotte, Collier, or Lee Counties, and have health problems placing them at risk for nursing home care. They must also be able to live safely in the community with the help of Hope PACE. For those with dual Medicare/Medicaid coverage, there is no cost to participate, but private pay options are available.

To learn more about all-inclusive care for seniors, visit HopePACE.org or call 239-985-6400.

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