It is Hottt! We Have Fans!!!

By: Major Brenda Lane

We at The Salvation Army Lehigh Service Center are concerned for the older population and families with young children in our community. We all know how terribly hot it is during these months. There are many of those we mentioned, living without Air Conditioning.

The extreme heat that we experience here can cause health issues. We want to help make the hot days as comfortable as possible for those older folks and families with very young children. The Salvation Army Lehigh Service Center will be providing Fans for the elderly and families with young children. It will be on a first-come, first-served basis.

We will require the following to qualify for one of the fans:


  • A piece of mail: Proof of address for all applying
  • Birth Certificate/ or Shot records: Must show birthday of child for families with young children
  • Proof of address For Child: Proof that the child lives at address of person applying

If you fall into one of the two groups mentioned (Age 60 & up  /  Families with young children) and you are in need of a fan, please contact our office and speak to Major Lane or our Social Worker to see if you qualify. Remember, it is first-come, first-served. We have a limited number of fans, so give us a call and get your Fan to help keep you cool this summer!!

Call:  239-491-6071

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