James Stephens Pre-K Center Set To Open In January

James Stephens Pre-K Center

The School District of Lee County is ready to open its first expanded Pre-K Center in January and applications are currently being accepted for students who wish to attend. More than 200 four-year old’s will be able to prepare for their K-12 education when the James Stephens Pre-K Center is fully operational.

Two buildings on the campus of James Stephens International Academy were renovated for the Pre-K Center.  In the process, 12 new classrooms and administrative offices have been created, while restrooms, a playground, tricycle track and canopy were added.  The parent pick-up and drop-off area is also brand new, and creates a single point of entry to match the same security feature at all other District schools.  Total project cost was $1.8 million.

Expanding Pre-K opportunities is a personal goal of Superintendent Dr. Greg Adkins. Lee County ranks 60th in the state when it comes to kindergarten readiness.  At the start of the last school year, only 40% of five-year olds were prepared for school.  Dr. Adkins envisions opening a new Pre-K center every year so ten years from now two two-thirds of incoming kindergarten students will have participated in a District affiliated Pre-K.

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