Lee County Mosquito Control District Review

Submitted By: Jenifer McBride

An in-depth, independent review of the Lee County Mosquito Control District, (LCMCD), praised the district’s fiscal responsibility and successful work ensuring the safety of residents and visitors. Contracted by the state, the report prepared by the Florida-based Balmoral Group said LCMCD is “managing its resources in an efficient and effective manner.”

With nearly 1,200 square miles and more than 800,000 people in its coverage area, LCMCD is the state’s largest in size and scope.

The critical need to control mosquitoes and the deadly diseases they carry was evident this year with malaria, West Nile virus and Dengue infections tracked around the state.

The professional and scientific approach to preventing the spread of diseases in Lee County is a key to ensuring visitors and residents can safely live, work and explore our region.

“Mosquitoes kill more humans in any given year than any other animal on earth,” said LCMCD Executive Director David Hoel. “Pestiferous numbers of mosquitoes were in large part responsible for the delayed development of Florida until the end of WWII. Today, the robust mosquito control programs throughout Florida allow our citizens to enjoy our natural resources while greatly curtailing the threat of yesteryear’s deaths and illnesses due to mosquitoes.”

The report praised the district for “effectively and efficiently” providing a wide range of mosquito control practices, noting LCMCD’s deployment of an airplane, helicopters, boats, more than 100 trucks, 68 pieces of lab equipment and more – including nearly 300 chickens who act as early detectors of mosquito-borne illness.

LCMCD is the largest “in the state in size and scope and in staffing levels, which appear appropriate given the wide variety of complex issues the district must manage,” the report says. “The district provides a broad array of mosquito control services and continually researches and pursues technological innovations to address the complex challenges created by the combination of rapid development and growing population, meteorological conditions, and environmentally sensitive areas in the district.”

The report also shares that, “among its peers, Lee County MCD is considered a leader in effective mosquito control … Representatives of other MCDs interviewed … routinely commented (without prompting) on Lee County MCD’s effectiveness and leadership in mosquito control. They have achieved this level of quality and respect while controlling costs in an aggressive manner.”

The Lee County Mosquito Control District was established in 1958 by an act of the Florida Legislature as an independent district and has been providing uninterrupted mosquito control services to the citizens of Lee County for over sixty years. During those years, the district has remained at the forefront of mosquito control, helping to develop control technologies that are effective and sensitive to Florida’s unique natural habitats and wildlife.

“LCMCD is a robust district that works for the public, and we take our job seriously,” said LCMCD Assistant Director Aaron Lloyd. “We work every day to protect Lee County citizens from mosquitoes and the diseases they may carry.  If you are experiencing mosquito problems, call our office and we will respond within 24 hours.”

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