Lee County School District Earns 2021 Aetna Workplace Well-Being Award

Submitted By: Rob Spicker

The School District of Lee County is proud to announce it has received an Above and Beyond Silver level Aetna Workplace Well-being Award. The District has a strong commitment to improving employee health and features a comprehensive well-being strategy that employees are passionate about. The award is the culmination of the employees’ desire to live healthier, more active lives and make well-being a priority.

“I’m proud to be part of a company that emphasizes well-being,” says Bonnie McFarland, Director of Insurance and Benefits. “Even with the COVID-19 pandemic, we continued to support our employees’ health. Our well-being program is as much a part of our culture as the service we produce. It’s simply part of the way we do business.”

The District’s workplace well-being program focuses on creating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Exercise classes, nutrition classes, and mental well-being classes are offered. There is a fitness center, health coaching, virtual wellness resources, onsite health screenings, onsite flu shots, and more available. The District mission states, “we seek to provide a healthy work environment and enhance the quality of life for all District personnel.”

The Above and Beyond Award honors the District’s superior performance in the following areas:

  • Strong well-being strategy
  • Successful program outcomes
  • Variety of resources available

 “Congratulations to The School District of Lee County,” says Sandra Lozada, Director of Client Management and Wellness with Aetna. “This recognition shows how they continued to emphasize the importance of employee well-being in addition to addressing the COVID-19 challenges. We’re proud to be partnered with The School Board of Lee County.”


  • Employers complete the award application using data from their most recent 12-month program year. This includes information on their well-being strategy and design, communications and organizational engagement, and program implementation and evaluation.
  • Available to Aetna middle market and public and labor employer segments in the United States with a minimum of 100 employees. This includes fully-insured and self-funded employers with an Aetna medical plan. 
  • A peer review committee made up of well-being professionals with an average of 25 years of experience reviewed and scored all applications based on pre-defined criteria.
  • Awards established in 2017.

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