New Primary Care Practice Opening

Submitted By: Dr. Khalid Sabha, MD

Fort Myers Primary Care and Wellness is currently welcoming new patients.

Dr. Sabha, MD, CMD, is excited to announce the opening of his new primary care practice conveniently located across from Gulf Coast Medical Center, just off Metro Parkway.

Dr. Sabha completed medical school at St George’s University and did his residency in family practice at St. Joseph Hospital in New York. With over 18 years of clinical expertise, Dr. Sabha is a compassionate healthcare provider who has cared for critically ill hospitalized patients and managed skilled nursing facility patients, with a particular emphasis on the mental health well-being of the elderly. Additionally, Dr. Sabha has long track record of demonstrated leadership as CEO and Co-Founder of FMA Hospitalists and later as a national Chief Medical Officer.  He implemented quality care programs to reduce hospital readmissions and enhance overall patient outcomes. Dr. Sabha states, “As a patient, you can expect to be greeted with a caring, professional attitude by our entire staff.  I will work with other team members to create a coordinated, personalized care plan.” He places particular emphasis on Wellness, Prevention and longevity in his approach. He is an avid Tennis Player and competes in Local and National Competition when he is not spending time with his wife and two kids.

His dedication to compassionate healthcare ensures a welcoming and attentive experience for all new patients. Fort Myers Primary Care and Wellness is located at 14131 Metropolis Ave, # 105, Fort Myers, Florida 33912. Call Dr. Sabha at 239-922-0909 to make an appointment today.

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