Preventing Tool Theft

By: Sheriff Carmine Marceno

With the enormous volume of construction and repair being done following Hurricane Ian, the demand for tools has increased exponentially.

Both professionals and do-it-yourself residents should take a few moments to consider security methods being used to protect their valuable tools from theft.  Tool theft is common from both motor vehicles and storage sheds.

Tools stored in vans, pickup trucks and other commercial vehicles are often seen as easy targets for thieves.

There are a number of options for pickups that include cross-bed boxes, decked bed boxes and custom molded boxes to fit between the truck’s rear wheel and tailgate.  Two of the most important characteristics seem to be the quality of the locking mechanism and visibility to criminals.

Interior sliding deadbolts have grown in popularity and can be purchased in both manual and electric versions.  They appear to be far more difficult to open than standard door lock cylinders.

Puck locks offer additional security, especially when dealing with lesser-skilled criminals.  Multiple puck locks can be keyed alike so as to allow you to use a single key to open all locks.

Windows are vulnerable points and are often the way vans are broken into.  Consider van window grills and dark tint to make the vehicle’s contents difficult to see from the outside.

Parking vehicles in well-lit areas often deter would-be criminals. Alarm systems and security cameras should be considered, as well.

Sheds and garages are equally susceptible to theft.  There are a number of affordable shed and garage alarm systems that are wireless and easy to install. Additionally, there are a number of excellent locks that are virtually tamper-proof and designed to protect almost any type of door or entranceway.

The cost of the aforementioned security devices pale in comparison to the cost of tool replacement. While securing your tools and supplies take a few extra moments of your time and may require a bit more effort, consider the cost and time required to replace stolen equipment.

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