Reaching Out, Being Neighborly And Addressing Roadway Safety In Our East District

By: Sheriff Carmine Marceno

Since the advent of the internet, many of us tend to spend significant time shopping, entertaining ourselves and socializing online. Groceries and necessities are delivered to our front door, communication is done via text or email and many of us are simply spending more time indoors.

The effects of these technologies have resulted in a loss of interpersonal communication between neighbors and a reduction in community involvement.

A good number of us know little about our neighbors, are unable to recognize them when outside of our communities/developments and pay little attention to the everyday activities that occur near and around our homes.

These “new” behaviors are detrimental to neighborhood security as they often allow suspicious activities to go unnoticed. Additionally, it makes it difficult to ensure the well-being of elders living nearby.

With over 1200 square miles (inclusive of waterways) and over 800,000 residents, the eyes and ears of our community members are an enormous component of public safety and depended upon by law enforcement agencies!

Knowing and interacting with your neighbors, periodically gazing out of your windows, checking on senior residents who tend to be more vulnerable and paying closer attention to persons and vehicles entering and exiting your neighborhood make for a more secure and amicable community.

Sharing concerns with local law enforcement has allowed us to keep our paradise safe.

Sheriff Carmine Marceno reminds all Lee County residents to “See it, say it, make the call!”


In addition to traffic operations in other areas of Lee County, our Traffic Unit continues to work diligently, at all hours, in response to complaints related to reckless speeding in and around our East District.

Over the last thirty-day period, 36 traffic operations have been devoted specifically to the State Road 82, Gateway Boulevard, Griffin Drive, Treeline Parkway and Daniels Parkway roadways.

The operations have resulted in the issuing of violations, the impounding of vehicles and in arrests.

The enforcement of traffic laws is a priority and we continue to receive complimentary notifications regarding a dramatic reduction in roadway noise, speeding and reckless driving in the aforementioned areas.

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