Szeliga Imagery Services LLC Thank You

By Kathryn Sisson

A huge thank you to Brian and Silvia of Szeliga Imagery for sponsoring our second annual Lehigh Acres Fourth of July Celebration. The event was a huge success, and the whole community came together to make it great.

Brian is the owner and main photographer, and Silvia is the customer service and office manager of Szeliga Imagery Services. They have been married since 2005 and have two beautiful children.

Brian has an eye for the unusual and creative, as well as the ability to make anyone feel at ease. Silvia is a master problem solver and can help you overcome any obstacle.

“With over 25 years of experience in Portrait, Wedding, and Event photography we know a thing or two about capturing moments that other photographers may have missed,” says Silvia. “We LOVE what we do! If we didn’t love it, we would not do it.”

Szeliga Imagery Services prides itself on making friends and lifelong customers with every new encounter. They strive to help your vision come to life.

“We see you as a work of art,” says Silvia. “Not a dollar sign!”

Using only the best 5-star rating printing and album services, you can expect nothing but high-quality work from Szeliga Imagery Services. They offer a range of services from luxury to affordable prices so that your dream can come true within your budget.

Szeliga Imagery Services is not afraid of a challenge and wants to create something special for each client. “If you can dream it, we will make sure we find a way to make it happen.”

Thank you once again to Brian and Silvia for their help in making our vision of the Independence Day Celebration come to life. We could not have asked for better sponsors.

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