The Commodity Of Integrity

Submitted By: Hightower Industries

Integrity has become one of the most important commodities in the post-hurricane world in Southwest Florida. As we continue to rebuild our lives, we have all come to realize the value of finding professionals with integrity. With so many of our most valuable possessions in need of repair, we are all searching for experts who will treat our property as if it is their own. If you are in need of roofing and solar professionals with integrity, Hightower Industries is here to help. We understand how overwhelming the process of rebuilding can be. At Hightower, we are committed to coming alongside you in your time of need to provide solutions to your roofing and solar problems. We are committed to not only building an amazing roof but building trust that will create a lasting relationship with each customer. After dealing with this monumental rebuilding process, we are certain that many Southwest Florida residents now realize how difficult it can be to find contractors who value honesty and craftsmanship. Our belief is that by treating each project as if it is our own, we truly separate ourselves from our competitors.  This belief has only shined brighter since the hurricane.

Are you searching for peace of mind about your roof after Hurricane Ian? Are you still battling your insurance company? As Florida natives, we understand what you are going through and are ready to help you move toward solutions. We have been through many catastrophic hurricanes and understand the intricacies of the insurance claim process. We are prepared to partner with you in rebuilding and helping you regain your peace of mind. We can also offer you peace of mind for your household’s long-term energy needs.

Generating solar power in our sunshine state makes both sense and cents. At Hightower Industries, we specialize in both commercial and residential roofing as well as solar energy solutions that can significantly reduce your utility bill. Statewide, Florida averages over 230 days of sunshine each year. With our solar expertise, we can help you capture that energy. Going solar can save you money and time while protecting your electrical infrastructure. Solar panels are low maintenance, environmentally friendly, and can produce great long-term savings for your household. If you are interested in making sense and cents on owning your own electricity, contact us today and we can simplify your return on investment.  

Contact us today at 941-267-0278 for all your roofing needs and solar energy solutions.

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