The Lee County Government Never Stops Working For You

By: Commissioner Cecil Pendergrass

Happy New Year! Although this past year brought some challenges, we have had many more successes and I have no doubt 2022 will be a great year for Lee County! I was recently selected by my fellow County Commissioners to serve as Chair for the upcoming year. Lee County government never stops working for you and I look forward to serving the community and representing the Board as Chair!

Since first being elected to office in 2012, transportation and roadway improvements continue to top my list of priorities. The County remains committed to expanding the Road Paving program with an additional $5 million every year dedicated to repaving your roads in Lehigh. To submit a road paving or resurfacing request, please call (239) 533-9300 or email For any other roadway and maintenance needs please email Over the last few months I have also worked with our DOT staff and FP&L to install streetlighting throughout Lehigh. I know how it important this is for your safety and well-being and I look forward to reporting back on that progress!

Based on the calls and emails my office receives regularly, I know how much you care about your neighborhoods and how proud you are to call Lehigh home. Please continue to reach out to my office to report any activity that you believe to be in violation of County codes. You can also report directly to Code Enforcement by phone: (239) 533-8895 or email:

I was honored to attend several ribbon cuttings celebrating new businesses in the area. Mike Welch and the East Lee County Chamber of Commerce do an outstanding job highlighting area businesses and promoting civic engagement. I am a proud East Lee Chamber Board member and look forward to welcoming a more diverse economy to our area, a direct benefit to improving our overall quality of life.

We are currently preparing for our Annual Strategic Planning Session which will take place later this month. I always look forward to this informal discussion with my fellow commissioners and County Management as it affords the opportunity to have an open dialogue with each other, evaluating our successes and challenges and establishing future priorities for the County. If there are any priorities or issues you think we should consider please feel free to email my office at or call (239) 533-2227. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to continue to serve you!

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