Veterans Love Helping Active Military

By: Robin Perkins Matthews

This last month the Veterans Club of America, Post #1, out of Fort Myers, had a month-long campaign to collect various items to send to the active military members overseas.

We wanted to show our appreciation and love to those who are fighting for freedom in the world. These members are away from their family and friends. Not only did we send some necessary items, but also some American loved staples as well to show that they are loved and thought of every day that they are not home.

We had 80 percent of our members giving either the supplies or money donation to purchase supplies. One of our members, Birdie, did all the shopping and packing of boxes. As she states “This is my baby! I enjoyed doing this for our troops.” 18 boxes were full of everything from chips, jerky, socks, toothpaste, paper, pens, puzzles, and other items that will remind them of our country.

“Birdie” Harmon and Andre Tchir. Birdie, Andre, and his sister Anna (AJ) took the 18 boxes to be shipped overseas to our military family with love and pride!!!

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