Boost Your Business Now With A Free SWFL Inc. Membership

By: Tiffany Esposito

You work hard on your business – wouldn’t it be nice if someone would give you a hand, for free? At SWFL Inc., that’s what we do every day! Last August, we introduced a free membership model for area businesses, and we haven’t looked back.

Any Lee, Collier and Charlotte County business can sign up right now – on your phone, your tablet, your computer, before you even finish this column – for a free membership at

Soon after that, your business will be listed on our digital business directory. That’s something that will immediately help your organization rank higher in Google searches, making you more visible to potential customers. You’ll also have access to one free “Get Connected” event, “Business Builders,” a resource on our website with educational articles and podcasts for business professionals, and The Hub, our free-to-use shared work and meeting space located at 25071 Chamber of Commerce Drive in Bonita Springs.

The beauty of our freemium model is that any time you’re looking to add on a product or service – attend a networking event, promote a job opening on our SWFL Inc. social media pages, advertise in our SWFL Visitor Guide – you can buy what you want, when you need it!

As the only Five-Star Accredited chamber of commerce in Southwest Florida, and as a chamber ranked in the top 1 percent of chambers nationwide, we offer innovative solutions to help local businesses thrive.

Our free membership helps businesses at any stage expand their professional network and access helpful products and services. And when businesses in our community are succeeding, it improves the quality of life for all of us.

So give it a try! Visit right now, sign your business up for our free Basic Membership and start reaping the rewards. More than 1,500 businesses across Southwest Florida already are.

Because when Southwest Florida businesses work together, we make (inc)redible things happen.


Tiffany Esposito is President and CEO of SWFL Inc., a regional chamber of commerce that connects businesses to a network of customers, offers educational resources to help them grow in a modern economy and actively works to solve regional issues that impact the business community. At SWFL Inc., membership is free and open to all businesses to create (inc)lusive opportunities for all. Esposito is a 12-year veteran of the chamber industry and is a board member of the Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives.

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