Congratulations To Our High School Graduates – Lehigh/East Lee Finishes The “Season”

By Mike Welch

As we move into the summer months our communities will adapt to a little less congestion on the roadways, the end of the school year and an ever-watchful eye on the tropics.

Lee County Commissioner aptly points out that the County Government is moving into hurricane preparations and strongly suggests that you and your family and friends also prepare. In addition, he announces the County’s plans for a new library on the corner of Homestead Road S. and Milwaukee Blvd. Please give Cecil a call at 239-533-2227.

Sheriff Carmine Marceno alerts us on the ongoing problem of construction theft in our area. As more people are moving into our area new homes are being built and, criminals are out on the prowl. In addition, the Sheriff’s Office has and is stepping up patrols on our roadways looking out for speeders, aggressive drivers who bully other drivers, red light runners, DUI’s and a myriad of bad behavior that makes our roadways dangerous.
I have also long suspected that we have a significant population that lacks the privilege of being allowed to drive at all: no driver’s license, suspended driver’s licenses, lack of insurance to name a few. These people endanger all of us and we pay the price in higher insurance premiums as well as further victimization in the event of an accident with one of these offenders who have no insurance – YOU pay and at times tragically.

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