‘DRAINAGE CONTROL’ – Rainy Season in Southwest Florida

By: Neida Carvalho

It’s about that time to do serious ground control on your property during this chaotic ‘monsoon’ season down here in paradise. Did you get a landscape upgrade recently? How about installing new gutters?

NOW is the time of year where we find out if that contractor took DRAINAGE into effect! Davidson Irrigation can help simplify and fix the problem. Proper control of the water flow will make sure there are no more issues after heavy rainfall.

Newsflash folks, the water should go away from the house, not build up next to your foundation. Yuck! Outside presentation is definitely something to consider when taking care of your property upkeep in the summer. Whether it’s mother nature, a short-sighted contractor or a home improvement plan that has you ‘floating’ and concerned, we’ve got you covered with an easy solution.

We can install a separate pump station with a float activation system that will pump the water away and prevent water pooling.

WATER POOLING on the surface around the perimeter of the house eventually degrades concrete and mortar foundations. What harm could a liquid like water do? As it turns out, water can affect the foundation in several ways. Under the right conditions and given enough time, water can make expensive foundation repairs necessary, as well as infiltrate the house and cause indoor water damage. There are three ways water can damage your outside presentation: External pressure, ground water, and pooling.

Proper drainage is the best way to keep water out and under control. Other causes include clogged, overflowing rain gutters, or downspouts that are too short and allow discharged water to flow back toward the house. Davidson Irrigation specializes in submersible, self-contained pumps that are activated when the retention area fills up.

At Davidson Irrigation, we will gladly accommodate getting your services upgraded and running beautifully. Call us and we can improve your gutter system and help your family with your drainage problems just in time for the rainy season!

Count on our team of experts, and we can easily address your water issues.


(239) 275-8569


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