East Lee County Chamber Hosts Region Luncheon: “Lee County Moving Together Into The Future – The Value Of Service”

By: Mike Welch

June 17th at the Plantation GCC in Gateway/Eastern Fort Myers saw citizens come together for presentations by Lee County Commissioner, Cecil Pendergrass and County Manager, Dave Harner.  Pendergrass is also member of the Board of Directors of the East Lee County Chamber.  Members and guests of the Chamber came from the various communities of Lee County as well as several public officials from the region.  

Mr. Harner along with Commissioner Pendergrass spoke about the culture of service in the administration of local services for the communities of Eastern Lee County – Lehigh Acres.  Many guests were impressed on the activities and investments being made in infrastructure and road work being undertaken in eastern Lee County as well as the expansion of law enforcement, traffic control, utilities as well as various economic development projects.  The presentation will be a template for the new County Adminstration to make presentations around local communities in Lee County regarding particular areas.

East Lee County Chamber Board of Directors Chair Mike Welch also highlighted the work of the Florida Legislature with over $2millions in planning funds for a new East Lee County Technical College for the population of east Lee. Welch and Pendergrass thanked the leadership of School Board Member and Chamber Board Member Armor Persons, State Representative Jenna Persons and Senator Jonathan Martin for their work on this project.  He also highlighted together with Pendergrass and Harner the several millions of dollars approved by the Legislature for water/sewer expansion in Lehigh/East Lee for Florida Government Utilities.  All leaders thanked Senate President Kathleen Passidomo who also represents parts of Lehigh/East Lee.

Mr. Harner’s overview of County projects and investments in Eastern Lee showed the direction of the Board of Commissioners in regards to the governance of eastern Lee.

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