East Lee County Chamber Of Commerce Pushes For Local Hazardous Disposal Sites In East Lee/Lehigh Acres From Lee County Solid Waste

By: Mike Welch

This month I offer

for your review a press release sent out by Lee County Solid Waste regarding the proper disposal of hazardous items that businesses and residents need to consider.  While I applaud Solid Waste the Chamber has been communicating with this department and with our County Commissioners that they must address the proper disposal of dangerous and toxic chemicals such as old gasoline, oil, antifreeze and a myriad of other chemicals.  However, I think that asking residents to travel close to 25 to 30 miles into Fort Myers on Topaz Court off of Metro Blvd. is unrealistic.  The Chamber has suggested a program of of local and neighborhood drop off sites with an aggressive bi-lingual campaign that enables residents to properly dispose of dangerous items and chemicals.

If you agree please call the Chamber of Commerce at 239-369-3322 so we can continue our discussions with Solid Waste.  I am sure many of us know of anecdotal incidents of chemical dumping that eventually goes into our canals, rivers and aquifers.  Today’s traffic patterns just makes a trip to Topaz Court even more tough.  Topaz Court Collection needs to come to East Lee/Lehigh with a robust program for the sake of our environment and our communities.

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