Enjoy Your Pool & Patio Longer This Summer

It’s officially summertime in Southwest Florida!

Living in this luxurious tropical paradise, everyone wants to enjoy their outdoor spaces for as much time as possible. With purposefully designed landscape lighting, you can take advantage of a more beautiful, more secure outdoor space for twice as long as before. 

Don’t stay in the dark much longer! Get the most out of your property with our professional accent lighting services. Our landscape and pool deck lighting can add so much to your outdoor experience in your home…more use, more value, more security, more ‘wow’ factor… There’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to fully enjoy your home’s outdoor areas as much as possible this summer!

Your outdoor space was a large investment, why not enjoy it longer? We can install bright LED lighting in your outdoor living space for a reasonable cost so you can continue your outdoor activities in your front or back yard under the stars with your family and guests.

You can sit on your patio day or night with peace of mind knowing that you have the added security of having durable, efficient lighting illuminating your pathways, pool area, and surrounding areas of your home.

Not only is it functional, but having gorgeous lighting in your landscaping, plants, walls, docks, pool, or lanai emphasizes the beauty of your property, adding market value and curb appeal. A seemingly small detail like lighting can improve your scenery dramatically.

We can add an extra ‘wow’ factor by installing lighting that can change color, so you can control the ambiance of your outdoor space at the touch of a button.

Now is the time to consider a change with your property. Make your outdoor area a more useful, more stunning, and more inviting place. Call Davidson Irrigation & Landscape Lighting for an estimate & appointment today!

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