Fun with Pet Zodiac Signs

Dr. Veja Tillman, DVM

Chances are, you probably know your own zodiac sign, but do you know your pet’s zodiac sign? Using charted astrology signs can provide insights into what makes your pet tick and knowing more about your pet’s personality can help you better care for them.

Pets fall under one of 12 zodiac signs. The sign that your pet was born under impacts the way he/she interacts with the world. Each sign also has its own set of characteristics. Here’s a brief breakdown of each zodiac sign and what it can tell you about your pet’s personality.

Once you know your pet’s zodiac sign, you can use that information to better care for, train, or simply understand your pet. Just remember: Nothing is written in stone or absolute. Your pet’s birth chart is a map of the heavens at the time of their birth. How they navigate it is up to them and you.


  • Ruled by the planet Uranus, the sign of Aquarius is the Water Bearer. Aquarius is an air sign and happens to be the most intelligent and intuitive sign in the zodiac.
  • Is extremely independent, a rebel
  • Unpredictable; virtually no attention span
  • Would rather be outside than inside
  • Rarely remain still, loves changes and hates being bored
  • Good natured, friendly and likes to socialize
  • Smart, stubborn, rational and eccentric


  • Ruled by Jupiter, the sign of Pisces is the Fish. Pisces is a water sign and mixed with the air of Jupiter.
  • Very independent
  • Extraordinarily gentle and affectionate; gentle soul
  • Appears to sense owner’s thoughts and feelings
  • Would rather be inside than outside
  • Lovingly tolerates other pets within the household
  • Sleeps a great deal of the time
  • Loves to “cuddle up” to owner
  • Is totally devoted to owner


  • Ruled by the planet Mars, the sign of Aries is the Ram. Mars is “the bright and burning one” ruled by passion and drive. Aries is a fire sign, which makes the Aries pet confident, dominant, and strong.
  • Tend to be alphas; leaders
  • Naturally inquisitive and self-assured
  • Ambitious, courageous
  • Driven and determined
  • Not a socializer
  • Difficult to train / discipline
  • Instigates confrontations
  • Loves to break away from the “home front” and often runs non-stop
  • Overall personality which can be quite aggressive or assertive


  • Ruled by Venus, the sign of Taurus is the Bull. Venus is the planet of love, beauty, and gentleness. Taurus is an earth sign and creates a lot of will power.
  • Dependable and hard working
  • Extremely stubborn and not happy with change
  • Medium energy level
  • Loyal, true and constantly by owner’s side
  • Prone to sleep a lot
  • Is relatively sociable
  • Home body, but welcomes going out for short periods


  • The sign of Gemini is the Twins and they’re ruled by the planet Mercury. Mercury is the planet of intelligence. Gemini is an air sign with an earthen spirit. Gemini are both passive and aggressive, positive and negative, outgoing and reserved.
  • Quick learner and loves exercise
  • Very vocal…talks, barks, meows, chirps, sings, grunts, etc.
  • Is very active & enjoys learning new tricks and tends to learn them quickly
  • Prone to separation anxiety due to need to be with others
  • Has a relatively short attention span
  • Is very agile, exceedingly curious and mischievous


  • Ruled by the moon, the sign of Cancer is the Crab. The moon is emotional, sensitive and nurturing. Cancer is a water sign, which is fluid and moving, motivated by emotion rather than logic which makes them sensitive, compassionate and intuitive.
  • Would rather stay at home than roam the neighborhood
  • Tend to disengage when meeting new people and visiting new places.
  • Food motivated
  • Is very attached to owner, which may lead to separation anxiety.
  • Loving and attentive
  • Appears to require much attention and affection from owner
  • Is very gentle and kind by nature
  • Does not always respond favorably to animals or people who are strangers
  • Loves children


  • The sign of Leo is the Lion ruled by the Sun. The sun is warming, noble, and generous. Leo is a fire sign with energy to burn. Leos are naturally charismatic, they exude warmth, vitality, and power.
  • Thrives on attention and praise; loves to be the center of attention
  • Acts “in charge” of the household
  • Can be quite domineering and don’t like competition.
  • Is extremely faithful to owner and other family members
  • Is very secure in both an emotional sense and a psychological sense
  • Seems to have an inexhaustible amount of energy


  • Ruled by Mercury, the sign of Virgo is the virgin. Mercury is the planet of intellect. When Virgo and Mercury combine, they create the calmest dog in the astrological line up.
  • Becomes annoyed very easily
  • Prefers consistency and does not do well with change
  • Is extraordinarily intelligent
  • Enjoys learning new tricks and learns such tricks quickly
  • Is not particularly affectionate
  • Can be selfish… dislikes sharing toys, possessions, or food
  • Home body; not likely to roam the neighborhood.
  • Do best with order and routines


  • The sign of Libra is the Scales ruled by the planet Venus. Their goal is to create harmony, beauty, and tranquility, so it’s no surprise this sign is associated with the artist, lover and the diplomate.
  • Difficult to train, short attention span
  • Charming, loving and pleasant
  • Require Structured lifestyle
  • Non-confrontational
  • Is usually relaxed and rather easy-going
  • Is affectionate
  • Usually gets along well with other animals and people
  • Is very sociable & even tempered
  • Does not like to be alone


  • Ruled by Pluto, the sign of Scorpio is the Scorpion. Scorpio is a water sign and highly emotional. The Scorpio pet is robust and strong willed.
  • Crave structured lifestyle
  • Somewhat emotionally distant
  • Take time to build trust
  • Does not necessarily like the company of other animals
  • Learns quickly and thoroughly, but carries out any request or rule according to personal terms and timetable
  • Seems annoyed by the presence of other animals
  • Is very stubborn and independent


  • Ruled by the planet Jupiter, the sign of Sagittarius is the Archer. Sagittarius is also the symbol of the traveler, the philosopher, and the student. For them, life is a daring adventure. Sagittarius is a fire sign that loves a challenge.
  • Would rather roam the neighborhood than stay at home
  • Endless amount of energy
  • Has a short attention span…becomes bored easily
  • Is affectionate, but only for short spurts of time
  • Fearless and unafraid to take a risk or do something daring
  • Would rather stay outside than inside; confinement causes anxiety
  • Is extremely obedient, for the most part


  • Ruled by the planet Saturn, the sign of Capricorn is the Goat. Saturn is an earth sign and one of the most grounded signs of the Zodiac. Capricorns are associated with responsibility, authority, and power.
  • Extremely intelligent; love to learn new tricks
  • Takes time to get used to new additions to the family
  • Is not particularly active
  • Quiet and reclusive
  • Possesses a character which is cold, inexpressive, and generally inhibited
  • Has a difficult time bonding with either animals or humans


Dr. Tillman is a 2002 graduate of Tuskegee University School of Veterinary Medicine. Her veterinary practice and work experience focus on the health and wellness of pets in Southwest Florida. She is the owner of Just 4 Pets Wellness Center and can be reached at

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