GCU Helping Working Adults To Get Their Degree

Are you considering going back to school for your Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree?  My name is Casandra Sanchez.  I live locally in Lee County and I’m here to help you learn more about Grand Canyon University and start your college journey! 

Grants and Scholarships Available!

Program Information:

  • All programs are completed 100% online, one class at a time.
  • Programs are designed for the working adult with a family and with minimal testing.
  • Tutoring services and online resources available.
  • Complimentary On-site transcript evaluations
  • Meet Casandra Sanchez locally to complete all enrollment steps together and tour the online classroom.

Grand Canyon University is committed to supporting you on your educational journey and your opinion is important to us. If at any time, you would like to share more about your experience at GCU with my supervisor, Cholla Williamson, please feel free to contact her at 602-247-4699 or via email at 
Cholla.Williamson@gcu.edu or send to resolutions@gcu.edu.

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