Hurricane Idalia – A Clarion Call For Prep And Planning For The Height Of Hurricane Season

By: Mike Welch

At this writing Idalia has left Florida leaving destruction and heartache for the people of the Big Bend area of our state not seen in generations. Certainly, our region feels and understands much of what they endure. And our people are responding. The Salvation Army of our region left for the Big Bend and are now situated on the ground as many other units of the Army from the SE United States are making their way to the area. The Red Cross and other organizations are setting up relief services.

We as a community can help with our treasure and time but you can also take some steps while there is time. Have a plan. Be prepared. Ask the simple questions now and not when the crisis is at hand:

  • Do I vacate my home?
  • Where should I go if I evacuate?
  • Make arrangements now.
  • Your pets? Are they ready to Evacuate?
  • Check in on vulnerable relatives and neighbors.
  • Do you have enough medications?
  • Do you have enough food?

These are arrangements to be made for now. Get after your friends if they have not given it much thought. Our planning helps government services out given the work and many times the selfless service of our sheriff’s office personnel as well as our fire and rescue service professionals. Remember, the local hospitals are not shelters. For your planning please visit Lee County Government at and for a copy of a Hurricane Prep. Booklet call the East Lee County Chamber and I’ll be happy to mail you one. Office: 239-369-3322

Wishing you and your family and friends the best for the remainder of the storm season.

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