IRRIGATION Tip: Renovate or Replace?

By: Neida Carvalho

Is your irrigation system costing you more in repairs than it would be to replace it and save the hassle? – Let an expert come out and give you the answer.

If you are a Southwest Florida resident year-round or only living here during the hectic season, you probably recognize the struggles and time-consuming responsibilities of your property’s landscape, as well as constant maintenance. 

Our high-demand businesses can assist with the maintenance you’ve been pushing aside. It is time to think about your summer irrigation plan with Davidson Irrigation & Landscape Lighting

With years of irrigation excellence, this veteran and woman-owned and operated irrigation and light specialist proudly offer complete irrigation systems, pumps, controls, repairs, and guaranteed healthy landscaping for years to come. 

Ninety percent of your piping – the bones of your sprinkler system – are an essential factor and most likely good to go. Suppose they are 10 or 12 inches down; no need to worry. If the system was installed incorrectly the first time (which can be the common root of the problem), 3 inches underground, it is probably not worth trying to save – Your pipes will get brittle and break with any pressure.

If the original system was installed properly, without frequent breaks, to get around the landscaping, we can move the heads around or change heads for a newer fit- and zones can be installed for better coverage.

Our team of experts can change the type of nozzles or heads for your new and improved landscape. We use high-quality sprinkler heads, piping, controllers, rain sensors, timers, and products to ensure the proper working order of your irrigation system, so there is not an issue down the road.

Say you recently noticed your landscape has grown, has your irrigation system grown with it? We have a simple answer. Systems wear down, but it’s all in how the problem can be fixed. 

If the grass is grown to a higher length over time– landscape used to be 6 inches tall, and now it’s 30 inches tall – we can upgrade to taller or appropriate heads for better coverage and revamp your hardware with the available piping. 

Did you purchase your home with an older sprinkler system? If you contact us, we can answer your questions or concerns, and we will be happy to give you the rundown of our step-by-step service process. 

We will come by to do the detailed inspection, find out the valves do not work as they should, replace the valves, update the timer, and change the sprinkler heads one-third to one-half the cost of a new sprinkler system. 

Need a payment plan? We can work on the upgrade plan, a little bit at a time, over a year or two, when you join us on a maintenance contract. 

Please mention to us that you read our article and get a free inspection with your service call.


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