Lee Clerk hosts free class on how to apply for a marriage license

By: Meaghan Smith, Lee Clerk Senior Communications Strategist

February is a popular month for marriage licenses and wedding ceremonies at the Lee Clerk’s office.

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, Lee County Clerk Kevin Karnes is hosting a free online class for couples who would like to learn how to apply for a marriage license.

The How-To class on applying for a marriage license will take place on Wednesday, Feb. 7, from 2-3 p.m. through the online platform Zoom.

The class will cover the following:

·         Documents needed to apply for a marriage license

·         Steps in the application process

·         Time limits for applying & waiting periods

·         Virtual marriage license service & process

Participants should register for the class at www.leeclerk.org/seminar.

The Lee Clerk’s office offers both in-person and virtual wedding ceremonies for couples for $30. The fees for marriage licenses are $61 for Florida residents with premarital counseling and $86 for everyone else.

Anyone wishing to have a Valentine’s Day wedding must have their marriage license issued by Feb. 9 or have the mandatory 3-day waiting period waived by completing a pre-marital counseling course with an approved provider. Visit www.leeclerk.org/marriage for more information.

Appointments are encouraged for both wedding ceremonies & applying for a marriage license and can be made by visiting www.leeclerk.org/marriage.

This class is part of the “How-To” series provided by the Lee Clerk’s office to educate the community about all of the resources available to them. Recorded tutorials of past “How-To” classes are available at www.leeclerk.org/howto.



The Florida Constitution established the Clerk of the Circuit Court as a public trustee, responsible for safeguarding public records and public funds. Clerk Kevin Karnes is directly elected by and accountable to Lee County residents. In addition to the role of Clerk of the Circuit Court, the Clerk is the County Recorder and Clerk of the Board of County Commissioners, and the Chief Financial Officer, Treasurer and Auditor for Lee County.

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