Lee County Enhances Transparency with FEMA National Flood Insurance Program by Launching New Tool and Website Features

Lee County today has continued its commitment to transparency related to the FEMA National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) issue by enhancing its dedicated website landing page and launching a new tool. 

The website is www.leegov.com/femacrs. 

Earlier this month, the county posted a document called Lee County’s Floodplain Management Post-Hurricane Ian Compliance Response to FEMA as well as an Executive Summary. These documents, which were provided to FEMA along with all requested records, illustrate the county’s diligent work to provide all requested and required documentation in response to FEMA’s efforts to retrograde the county’s Community Rating System (CRS) classification. 

Today’s website enhancements come as the county awaits FEMA’s retrograde decision, which is expected soon. 

In an attempt to help educate the community on the efforts that have gone into retaining unincorporated Lee County’s CRS rating, an online tool has been developed to tell the county’s story. It is called the FEMA Response Overview Tool, and it explains: 

  • FEMA’s programs, including the NFIP and CRS
  • Lee County’s floodplain management program
  • Hurricane Ian’s impacts, specifically in unincorporated Lee County’s Special Flood Hazard Areas
  • FEMA’s notice of retrograde and compliance documentation request
  • Lee County’s Post-Hurricane Ian rebuilding activity, including steps taken to ensure compliance with NFIP requirements
  • Lee County’s lessons learned and path forward 

The Lee Board of County Commissioners remains committed to retaining the CRS rating of 5 to maintain the discount available to residents with NFIP policies and is committed to being transparent with the residents of Lee County about the process out.

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