‘Light Up’ Your Lanai With Davidson Irrigation Landscape Accent Lighting & Design

Installed Lighting on Pool Deck

By Alyssa Stoner

Florida is a tropical place with palm trees and sunshine during the daytime, but properly designed landscape lighting can easily provide a beautiful secure setting at night.

Does your landscaping go to sleep at night? Does your lanai or pool deck area go pitch black so you can’t continue outdoor activities?

Well, there is a proper fix- Landscape and pool deck lighting.

We can provide warm and inviting accent lighting to your pool deck and/or lanai for a reasonable cost that can improve your scenery dramatically. You paid a lot for the landscape or pool area, why not enjoy it more? Enjoy it longer. And of course, enjoy your exterior space after the sun goes down with a beverage in your hand relaxing by the pool. Share with your family and friends the benefits of installing landscape lighting for a more accommodating atmosphere. Your home is probably your biggest investment, so why not add to it with quality lighting best suited for you.

Landscape lighting is a way to emphasize the beauty of your home and the area surrounding your property, even during the long evening hours.

For pricing details, our basic landscape lighting packages start at $3,000.

One important benefit of lighting your landscaping is added security for your safety and convenience. Your home will look warm and inviting with this added feature because if the home is dark, any unsuspected intruder will pick your home over a fully lit property. Within a gated community, there is still usually a construction entrance. Protection is key. When planning your outdoor lighting at home, a main consideration when deciding landscape lighting is durability. The lighting that we will be installing at your home carries a lifetime warranty that is transferable to the new homeowner if you choose to sell. How long will it last, given the Southwest Florida weather conditions throughout the year? Wind, rain and the scorching sun can take a toll on your home.
Poorly designed or installed lighting can make for disappointing effects and costly changes, but we make sure your lighting needs are met. Make your outdoor area a useful, warm, and an inviting place with accent lighting.

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