Representative Roach Files Bill To Require Disclosure Of Financial Interests For Municipal Officials

Representative Spencer Roach filed HB 301 to increase transparency in local government by requiring municipal elected officials to publicly disclose their financial interests and assets. Currently, mayors and city council members are not required to file a full and public disclosure of financial interests. Instead, they file a statement with a minimal disclosure requirement to report dollar value thresholds.

Representative Roach stated: “We need to shine a light into the dark-money corners of local governments and bring them into the sunshine. Mayors and city council members across the state of Florida routinely award millions – if not billions – of dollars in contracts. The public has a right to know if elected officials or their families are benefiting financially at the cost of tax-payer dollars.”

Roach also pointed out that: “Members of the legislature have been required to file a full financial disclosure since 1976. There is no rational explanation why local elected officials should not be held to the same level of transparency and accountability. Any voter should immediately be suspicious of a politician who seeks to shield their financial interests from public disclosure.”

Representative Roach represents House District 79 in the Florida House of Representatives and serves on the Public Integrity & Elections Committee. His District encompasses unincorporated Lee County.

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