Rising In The East: A Message From Sheriff Carmine Marceno

By: Sheriff Carmine Marceno

Many hard-working residents residing in the Lee County Sheriff’s Office East District park their work trucks…pickups, vans, cutaways, chassis cabs, etc. in their driveways and side yards.  These vehicles and their contents are their livelihoods and, without them, these individuals are financially crippled.

The Lee County Sheriff’s Office has been responding to burglaries to vehicles parked in residential locations across Lehigh Acres and our East District. These incidents have proven to be extremely costly as tools, generators and other commercial valuables have been taken.

Additionally, with school no longer in session, it is likely that juveniles will be out during the late night/early morning hours.  Crimes of opportunity involving unlocked vehicles are being reported across the county and we need to take a proactive approach to addressing this matter.

I ask all residents to lock their commercial and personal vehicles.  Prior to retiring for the evening, take a moment to walk outside and verify that your vehicle is completely secured.  Commercial truck owners are reminded to lock and check exposed storage bins, tool boxes, tonneau covers, utility chests, etc. 

Private vehicles are targeted, as well.  As always, I remind you to lock your cars and trucks, remove all valuables including firearms, and install security cameras whenever and wherever possible. Residents are asked to report suspicious activity to the Lee County Sheriff’s Office by calling 239-477-1000 (non-emergency) or 9-1-1 under emergency circumstances.

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