Rising In The East: A Sheriff Carmine Marceno Message

By: Sheriff Carmine Marceno

Southwest Florida mornings are generally sensational.  The temperature is cooler.  The birds have begun their day and their sounds fill the air.

There’s nothing more pleasant than a Lee County morning…unless you left your vehicle unlocked overnight.

 LCSO East District reports continue to include incidents of vehicular burglary to unlocked cars and trucks.

Residents approach their vehicles, at the start of the day, only to find the contents of their gloveboxes and consoles strewn about their vehicles.  Laptops, cellphones, wallets…and firearms…gone.

Additionally, a disconcerting number of vehicles were stolen simply because the keys/fobs were left in an unlocked vehicle.

 There has been an increase in the number of vehicular burglaries and thefts in the Leonard area, east of Gunnery Road, as well as in the area of Beth Stacey Boulevard and Homestead Road.

I continue to ask that all residents and guests securely lock their vehicles, that they attempt to park in well-lit areas and that they remove ALL valuables and firearms from their cars and trucks.

Should you see suspicious activity, people entering driveways overnight or cars stopping periodically along your street during the overnight hours, you are asked to call the Lee County Sheriff’s Office immediately.

Until next month…we thank you for your support and your diligence!

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