School Term Ends in May and Opportunities for Student Summer Programs – Homeless Crisis in East Lee

By: Mike Welch

When I was younger my mom always preached that our schools in our hometown were as good as we three boys wanted to use them.  If we don’t use them and take well advantage of the hard-earned resources that the community gave us for our future – well shame on us.  Summer programs, private tutoring in my case for algebra, shop class projects, camp, swimming classes were all part of summer learning for us as we grew up.  We were often told that in the big world we were in the end competing for a good job and a better life with all the kids our age around the world.  How true that is as our economy and its supply chain is now a global and interconnected economy.  That girl is Tokyo and that boy in Berlin prepares themselves for a future of competition for quality jobs and career opportunities.  How true that is for our students in Lehigh Acres and East Lee County.

The East Lee County Chamber of Commerce now yearly invests in taking about 30 of our students interested in the further education in government and is hosted by our own Senator Kathleen Passidomo and Senator Ben Albritton as their guests to Florida’s Capitol.  There, they learn how Florida is a large and diverse state of over 21 million people within a country of 49 other states that marches on with us in that continuous march on freedom and prosperity.  The notes I receive and the realizations these students share with me is that even in middle school they have the tools at their disposal – given to them by our people to take on the future.  That can only be done with hard, hard work.

For that reason and others, the Lee School District offers a large variety of summer experiences and programs for students – kindergarten through 12th grade.  Last year the District offered programs for not over 15,000 students in a variety of courses, remediation and advancement areas.  The YMCA and the Boys and Girls Clubs offer camps, trades and other experiences.   Before the school term ends, please contact your child’s school for the myriad opportunities for the summer.  If you don’t it’s a missed tool and opportunity for the future.  Visit


The homeless crisis in our area is a heartbreaking problem and it affects the most vulnerable of our society for various reasons.  The lack of housing, the property insurance crisis and migration of homeless from the coastline.  Many of us have heard or seen tent cities popping up in our community.  Agencies such as our Salvation Army together with the Homeless Coalition will be going through East Lee for an assessment and locating these persons.  Help is on the way.

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