Season 2024 In Full Swing

By: Mike Welch

Speeding, bullying, tailgating, cutting off, texting, running red lights and other bad behavior along with unlicensed, suspended license, uninsured, criminal activity as well as so many other dangerous situations have not presented a deadly cauldron of stress, grief and changed lives.  East Lee County stands with the rest of the region with a dangerous situation that is only getting worse.  The morning and evening rush periods have begun to rival the traffic patterns of large metro areas with not much immediate relief in sight.  Vehicle insurance going sky high? We can blame many of the factors listed above.  If you know people getting behind the wheel who have no right or privilege to get behind that wheel – credit them in part for this mess.

Our Eastern Zone deputies and staff work hard, and the people of Lee County invest via a Board of Commissioners in public safely.  Unfortunately, how do you regulate moral decision making and destructive behavior.  Maybe the answer is for our leaders to enact penalties with deep consequences as we now equate driving with possible deadly results.  I hope you read Sheriff Marceno’s article and let him know that you support his deputies and that our leaders need to look at more penalties that are deep and are realistic deterrents with driving behavior and keeping people off the roads who don’t have the privilege to drive.


The 62nd Anniversary Gala of the Chamber is in full planning stage with our area’s educators, public service and health care professionals being recognized for their service to our communities.  The Chamber will also recognize our outgoing School Superintendent Dr. Christopher Bernier for his servant leadership during his tenure that included putting our district back together after Hurricane Ian.  His attention and concern for East Lee/Lehigh has been showing results.  Thank you, Chris, for crossing our path over the past years!  For information call Melissa or Peg at the Chamber Office 239-369-3322 or for information and reservations.


Once again Senate President Kathleen Passidomo (R-Naples/East Lee) and Senate President – Designate Ben Albritton (R- Wauchula/East Lee) have invited close to 30 middle school students from Harnes Marsh Middle School and Lemuel Teal Middle School as their guest to visit the Florida Legislature on February 28th.  Last year was a successful and productive time for the students who are studying government at this stage.  This now annual trip is funded and organized by the East Lee County Chamber of Commerce.

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