Staying Prepared For The Remainder Of Hurricane Season – “See It, Say It, Make The Call!”

By: Mike Welch

Sheriff Marceno writes a poignant article for this month regarding reaching out to our neighbors and the continuing work of the Lee County Sheriff’s Office on roadway safety in Eastern Lee County.

Since the advent of the internet many of us spend our time in our own spheres and generally know little about our neighbors and everyday activities around our homes.  This often leads residents vulnerable to criminal activity around their neighborhoods.  The “watch” of a neighborhood for bad actors and for helping our seniors is a valuable tool for the safety of us all.  This really comes to mind during natural disasters such as Ian when services are strained the need for neighbors to come together.  I hope you enjoy the Sheriff’s article.  Remember: “See it, say it, make the call!”

As we approach the Holiday Season Major Brenda of the Salvation Army – Lehigh Service Center reaches out to us as end of the year activities are in full preparation.  There are several needs in our community from Angel Tree giving to pantry needs as well as the need for bell ringers for the Christmas Red Kettle Campaign.  Please read the article and give Major Brenda a call at 239-491-0671.

The Salvation Army Service Center is located at the Lehigh Towne Centre, 25 Homestead Road N.  #42.

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