Sunpass Text Scam

By: Sheriff Carmine Marceno

  • You may have received this text message or one very similar:

    “We’ve detected a $3.95 charge for your recent usage of the Florida Express Lanes. To avoid extra fees, please settle your balance today. Click here to make your payment…”

    The text message appears legitimate, as does the attached link.

    The message, however, is fraudulent as scammers have found yet another way to reach into our pockets.

    According to SunPass, any and all messages sent will come from one of three sources:

    • or, from Text number 786727

    Additionally, please be advised that SunPass will never demand immediate payment or state that immediate action needs to be taken.

    As always, it is recommended that recipients of unsolicited texts avoid clicking on the attached link(s).

    While it requires a bit of due diligence, calling the agency or corporation that allegedly sent this type of message will prevent theft of payment, identity theft and/or other forms of criminal activity.

    Should you be victimized by this or any other type of fraudulent activity, please contact the Lee County Sheriff’s Office at 239-477-1000 or call your local law enforcement agency.

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