The Role Of A Hospitalist In Modern Medicine

By: Dr. Khalid Sabha, MD


Every so often, when I see patients in my office, I get asked about the role of a hospitalist and how filling that role can help when a patient visits the hospital. Because I have had the unique opportunity to co-found one of the largest hospitalist groups in the Lee and Collier county areas, I am comfortable explaining and performing in the role of Hospitalist in the continuum of care.

The term “hospitalist” was first coined by Doctors Robert Wachter and Lee Goldman, in a 1996 New England Journal of Medicine article, referring to a physician who assumes the responsibility for managing the care of hospitalized patients[1].

Hospitalists are medical professionals who specialize in the comprehensive care of patients admitted to the hospital. These physicians play a crucial role in managing hospitalized individuals’ complex and varied medical needs. Hospitalists collaborate with diverse healthcare providers, including nurses, specialists, and other support staff, to coordinate and deliver high-quality inpatient care. Their responsibilities often include conducting initial assessments, developing treatment plans, overseeing the implementation of medical interventions, and ensuring effective communication between healthcare providers. Hospitalists are also crucial in facilitating care transitions, coordinating with outpatient providers, and addressing post-discharge follow-up needs. Their focus on hospitalized patients allows them to provide dedicated attention to acute medical issues, contributing to improved patient outcomes and streamlined healthcare delivery within the hospital setting.

For patients in the hospital, this can be incredibly stressful, especially when they are sicker more anxious, and seeing a “New Doctor” taking over the role of their primary care physician.  My patients are incredibly relieved when I assume their care in the hospital or coordinate with my colleagues to ensure they get the appropriate care efficiently and follow up in my office closely after discharge.

Ultimately, the best case scenario is to focus on maintenance and prevention and keeping patients out of the hospital and only meet a “Hospitalist” like me in my office to keep you healthy and out of the hospital!


Dr. Khalid Sabha, MD, is a compassionate provider with over 18 years of clinical experience, including caring for very sick hospitalized patients and managing skilled nursing facility patients with a special focus on mental health and the well-being of the elderly. He has National Leadership as a Chief Medical Officer, setting up quality care programs to decrease hospitalizations and improve patient quality outcomes.

To become a patient or consult with Dr. Khalid Sabha, MD, please contact his office at 239-922-0909. The practice is called Fort Myers Primary Care and Wellness, they are located at 14131 Metropolis Ave, #105, Fort Myers, FL 33912.


[1] Wachter RM, Goldman L. The emerging role of “hospitalists” in the American health care system. N Engl J Med. 1996;335(7):514-517.

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