U.S. Coast Guard Sector St. Petersburg Recognizes Auxiliarist Of The Quarter

Submitted By: Daniel Eaton

Fort Myers Beach Flotilla Member Receives Recognition Sector St. Petersburg stands as one of the Coast Guard’s largest commands, overseeing a vast area of responsibility that spans over 400 nautical miles along the west coast of Florida. It encompasses the third-largest U.S. port for domestic trade. The Port of Tampa, within this jurisdiction, holds the national rank of 12th in total trade volume, combining both domestic and foreign trade activities.

Within this expansive region, Sector St. Petersburg manages five multi-mission small boat stations, six patrol boats, two aids to navigation cutters, and one aids to navigation team. These units are dedicated to five primary operational missions: Search and Rescue, Marine Safety, Maritime Law Enforcement, Ports, Waterways, and Coastal Security, and Living Marine Resources.

Annually, the personnel of Sector St. Petersburg are engaged in a significant number of operations, averaging over 2600 rescue cases. These efforts result in the assistance of more than 7000 individuals and the preservation of property valued at 39 million dollars. The integrated Coast Guard team responsible for executing these operational missions comprises over 825 Active Duty and Reserve Military Members, 27 Civilian personnel, and 950 Auxiliary members. Sector St. Petersburg receives support from five Auxiliary Divisions, housing 31 local Flotillas.

Recognizing exemplary service and commitment, the Auxiliarist of the Quarter award is a prestigious honor bestowed upon an Auxiliary member supporting Sector St. Petersburg. This individual is one who exemplifies the Coast Guard’s core values and is acknowledged by their peers for outstanding performance and unwavering support of the Coast Guard and its missions.

In a formal ceremony, Captain Michael P. Kahle, Sector Commander, presented the Auxiliarist of the Quarter award to Lin McCaffery, a Fort Myers Beach Flotilla 91 Member. Captain Kahle expressed gratitude, stating, “For recognition and appreciation for your valuable service to the Coast Guard and to the Auxiliary.” The Master Chief Petty Officer of the Coast Guard was also present to personally acknowledge McCaffery’s achievements and mission report, emphasizing, “You are a credit to the Auxiliary and a proud representative of Flotilla 91 District Seven, Ft. Myers Beach.” McCaffery’s service extended to deployments in the South China Sea and the Gulf of Alaska, where she served with distinction as an interpreter in support of Coast Guard missions.

The U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary is the lead agency in recreational boating safety, protecting America’s seaward frontier. Created by Congress in 1939, the Coast Guard Auxiliary is the uniformed civilian component of the U.S. Coast Guard, supporting the Coast Guard in nearly all mission areas. Every day, vessels and aircraft deploy across the U.S. to aid or save countless boaters and dollars in property damage. Learn more about the Coast Guard Auxiliary at www.cgaux.org, and the Fort Myers Beach Flotilla at www.Aux91FMB.org or by calling 239-690-6780.

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